St. Rose Confirmation Requirements




St. Rose Confirmation Requirements
  • Attend Mass weekly and submit homily notes. Attend class regularly, only 3 misses allowed.
  • Write two one-page educational reflections on a Catholic topic of your choice (see resource list), due December and April.
  • Document 15 hours of service – 5 for the Church, 5 in community, 5 either. (Total of 45 hours, as per Becca's requirements.)
  • Write a reflection on your service – what you did, how it affected you and those you served. Write a reflection on a “Universal Church Experience” (see resource list).

Due Dec. 2, 2015

  • Write a reflection on six saints (1⁄2 page per saint) and choose one of the six for your Confirmation name (or if you want to keep your baptismal name, choose a patron saint to accompany you on your journey). Write one more page explaining why you chose this saint. (See resource list for instructions).
  • Write faith essays or meet with Rita to discuss questions (see resource list). Submit Request for Confirmation/Sponsor form.
During Confirmand year
  • Attend diocesan Confirmation retreat.
  • Write a letter to Bishop (guidelines will be given beginning of year). Attend specific Confirmation classes.
  • Interview with Fr. Joe or Rita in the spring.
  • Attend rehearsal and Confirmation .

Rita Sherepa * Director of Faith Formation, Youth Minister
Kathy Ellingson * Assistant Director of Faith Formation
5779 Seville Rd * Duluth, MN 55811 * 729-7537 * 721-4818 (Rita home) * [email protected]