Confirmation Educational Opportunities


  •     blog and podcasts about the saints
  •     Fr. Mike Schmitz from the UMD Newman Center- homilies and blog, bible study
  • Vatican!     Just explore and enjoy. I don't even know what all is there.
  • Adventures in Imperfect Living     podcasts and blog, some fun videos
  • Catholic Under the Hood     Catholic History from a Franciscan Perspective with Fr. Seraphim, podcasts, blog and links
  • Discerning Hearts     Check out all their podcasts and resources.
  •     blog, radio shows, discussion forums, library, videos, learn about anything Catholic
    • Radio     calendar of archived shows, you can listen immediately or download for later, wide variety of topics
  •     variety of excellent programs for teens and adults. Use parish code (77vngh) to create an account.
  • Crossroads Initiative     some videos, short podcasts, huge library of writings from the earliest Christian documents to reflections on today's news
  • Catholics Come Home     half hour video and audio shows under learn more tab
  •     Bishop Robert Barron - blog, homilies, link to videos on youtube

 For serious commitment

  • Free online courses     Massive Open Online Courses through Holy Apostles College and Seminary
    • These are typically four week mini-courses with assigned readings and reflections
    • You receive a certificate at the end if you have done all the work.
    • I do not yet know if you can take the course more casually (not do all assignments) if you do not need the certificate
  • Free home study     Book study with final quiz
    • You can enroll online or by snail mail
    • Receive book by mail
    • Take final quiz online or on paper and send back (let them know when you enroll
    • Receive a certificate of completion
    • You must take the quiz if you want to order another book to study
    • Please send a donation if you can